Boone County High School Forensics




Like all memorized pieces, your ability to effectively coach a student is minimized if their piece isn’t memorized. If a student attends a practice session with most of the piece not memorized, encourage them to spend that practice session memorizing the piece instead.


  • Are you genuinely entertained while watching the story? Because the main purpose of story is to entertain, the enjoyability of a performance is key.


  • Try to think of when you were little and listened to your parents, teachers, etc. tell you stories. The same feeling should be replicated when watching a student practice story.


  • Through both content and performance, is there a clear beginning, middle, and end? Can you tell that there is an exposition, conflict, and a solution? If not, how can the student use storytelling performances to convey this? For example, lots of movement and blocking can be used to show a progression of conflicts/attempts to resolve conflicts.


  • Pay close attention to the narrator. Whether the student creates a completely different character for the narrator or whether they speak as themselves, the narrator must be captivating because they will be delivering most of the performance.



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