Boone County High School Forensics


Improvisational Duo


Like other limited prep events, practicing how a round would look in a tournament is ideal; however, because improv is a general skill that can be acquired through various activities, peer-coaching should be a mix of practicing improv rounds and improv activities.


  • To practice what a round would look like at a tournament, give students a topic and have them prep and give their improv scene, using the same timing, rules, and guidelines as a tournament. Make sure to pay attention to important improv guidelines and tips, such as never saying “no,” presenting a clear conflict and solution, and avoiding profanity or sexual innuendo.


  • If it looks like improv partners aren’t effectively working together, try listening to them prepping to see if you can find what the problem is. If you notice that one partner always rejects the others’ ideas or if another never speaks up, mention this to them afterward; make sure, though, that you aren’t just “blaming” one person.


  • Improv games are a great way to have fun practicing skills! As much as you can, hold practice sessions with every student doing improv to do these games. Below are some websites with good improv game ideas.


More Resources and Tips: