Boone County High School Forensics


Program Oral Interpretation 


POI is similar to Poetry. Like Poetry, you will use and refer to the manuscript in the form of a “black book,” which is a small black binder. You can use this for movement or blocking. You are allowed to move around (e.g. walking, bending, etc.) to express the piece; however, you are not required to move.


In POI, however, your piece is not just comprised of one genre. Instead, you will create a program that includes selections from different genres of literature, including, but not limited to, poetry, drama, nonfiction, news, and/or prose. While you can use different genres, all selections should be thematically linked.

The maximum time for POI is ten minutes. You must have an introduction with the background to the performance and the titles/authors of the selected pieces. Most POIs also have a unifying title that you create.


Tips and Tricks:

  • Get creative with the type of genres or selection you use. As long as the piece is published in some way, it’s acceptable. While you can use only poetry or prose, consider how you could incorporate unique sources, like dictionary definitions, information from textbooks, news sources, etc.

  • Like Poetry, make sure you use blocking and your black book effectively.

  • Also like poetry, you can splice up sections from each selection throughout the performance, but make sure it is obvious when you are switching selections.

  • Each time you switch selections, you should develop a different persona. This can include different eye contact, different voices, different facials expressions, etc. It may help to think of each piece as a different “character” that needs distinct traits.

For more detailed practicing tips, check out the KHSSL handbook (POI starts on page 44).