Boone County High School Forensics


Duo Interpretation


In Duo, two students perform a piece together. The piece can be humorous, serious, or a combination of the two. The maximum time for duo is ten minutes, but a longer piece can be cut down. Acceptable pieces include excerpts from:


  • Plays

  • Short stories

  • Novels or books

  • TV shows

  • Movies


Duo performances must have an introduction that includes:


  • Title of the piece

  • Author of the piece

  • Background information of the piece.


Students should have an equal amount of dialogue or action in the piece. When performing, make sure you use offstage focus unless you are addressing the audience. Movement is restricted to within an area of ten feet in diameter. Acceptable movement includes bending, turning, pivoting, etc. In duo, you cannot look at or touch your partner except in the introduction.


Tips and Tricks:

  • Because you can’t look at or touch your partner, you have to get creative with movement. For example, if you want to act out your characters shaking hands, you can mimic the movement without touching each other. For some strong examples of how to act with your partner without looking at our touching each other, check out this performance from the final round of NSDA.


  • Teamwork is essential in every aspect of duo. You and your partner should practice together, understand each other’s schedules, etc. If you are having trouble working with your partner, reach out to a third party (peer-coach, coach, etc.) for help.


  • Even though you can’t look at or touch each other during performances, in practice sessions, it may help to look at each other so you understand how your partner is moving, what they are doing, etc. Once you know how your partner is moving, then you can work on eye contact.


For more detailed practicing tips, check out the KHSSL handbook (Duo begins on page 40).